When you’ve got Spring Fever in Spokane

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As we near the end of February, Spring is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air. That soft breeze that almost has a hint of warm air. The sun hangs around a little longer each day and crocuses are starting to pop up here and there. If you’ve got spring fever like me, you might be wondering what kinds of things you can do around Spokane in the Spring. Besides spring cleaning, what other activities can you enjoy as a new season begins?

Spring in Spokane – Activities

You’ve come to the right spot. There are lots of things to do in Spokane in the Spring time. We’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

Spokane Falls

First of all, have you been down to see Spokane Falls at Spring Runoff? As the snow on the mountains begins to melt at the beginning of March, Spokane Falls is quite a site to see. The river water level reaches it’s peak in May. The falls are spectacular any day between March and June, however.

Spokane Falls - Spring in Spokane

There a numerous spots throughout riverfront park where you can watch the falls crash over the rocks below. Whether you choose to stake out a viewing point from the suspension bridges or explore below the Washington Water power building, you won’t be dissapointed. You’ll find numerous viewing platforms throughout the park. Near Mobius Science center you can walk down to a platform right below the falls. If you go all the way down to the lowest platform, you will probably get sprayed by the mist from the falls.

Spokane’s Bloomsday Fun Run

Spokane in Spring  - Bloomsday Run Finish line

The next spring event to keep in mind is Bloomsday. While the fun run isn’t until the first weekend in May, registration is already open. The fun run is open to anyone and everyone whether you want to walk it, run it, or do it in a wheel chair. If you’ve lived in Spokane but never experienced Bloomsday, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. Are you new to Spokane? This event encapsulates Spokane’s culture and history. You won’t want to miss it.

Lilac Gardens at Manito Park

Another family friendly springtime activity is a visit to the Manito Lilac Gardens. The Lilac gardens are some of the first to burst into color each spring. Plan your visit for late May or early June in order to experience the full grandeur of the Lilacs in bloom.

Even if the Lilacs aren’t in bloom, Manito park is a perfect spot to get outside in the Spring. You can enjoy the vast network of walking trails and explore numerous gardens.

Spokane’s Centennial Trail in Spring

If walking through a park isn’t quite your speed, you can take it up a notch and explore the Centennial trail. No matter where you live in the Spokane area, you can easily get to the Centennial trail. The trail system runs along the Spokane river from Riverfront park all the way to Coeur D’Alene. Because of this, the trail is great for enjoying a long run, a bike ride, or a walk. There are also plenty of spots off-trail to explore. You can meander down to the river or hike to a viewpoint. The trail also runs through several parks including Riverfront Park, Mirrabeau Park, and Minnehaha.

Warmer days are not far off. We hope you get to enjoy Spokane’s beautiful spring weather soon. These are great ideas to get you started, however there is always plenty more to explore. Get outside and enjoy Spokane this spring!

P.S. – If you’ve been on the fence about selling your home, Spring is a great time to sell. There are lots of buyers out there looking and as always we’re here to help!

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