Snow Records Smashed in Spokane

Snow Smashes Records in Spokane - South Hill Streets on Wednesday Morning
South Hill Streets Wednesday Morning

1st Snow day of the year

Who knew that October 9th would mark the 1st official snow day of the year? Spokane has been setting some interesting records this Fall…(or should I say winter?) Very few can remember a time when we’ve had snow in October, much less in September as we’ve had this year. The weather as of late has set some surprising new records. This month has already smashed snow records in Spokane.

Previous snow records smashed in Spokane

The Spokane International Airport recorded 3.3 inches of Snowfall Tuesday night alone. Spokane residents woke up to a white, wintry day with icy roads, downed trees, and power outages. The 3+ inches of snow smashed records from 1981 when there was a negligent skiff of snow on the ground.

Early season snow records Smashed

Just over a week ago, on September 29th, Spokane was seen setting records for the earliest snowfall in 100 years. For several days, snow lingered in the hills. It even stuck around on Mt. Spokane until yesterday (Oct 8) when it finally melted off, only to be replaced by snowfall later that night.

Home for the 1st school snow day

This morning, kids across Spokane stayed home from school for the first official snow day of the year. Many were excited to stay cozy inside baking, playing games or getting some extra rest. Others, as you can imagine, headed out to build snowmen and enjoy the snow before the sun melts it away.

Storm clean-up

Avista began working early to restore power to more than 30,000 Spokane residents left without power and others began the work of cleaning up trees damaged by the storm. It was quite a site to see numerous trees with branches bent all the way to the ground. It turns out that over the fall, trees and plants harden to withstand the cold and snow in winter. This early in October, however, the trees in the area haven’t yet had a chance to harden for the season and were much more susceptible to damage.

Did you get snow in your neighborhood? Hopefully you got a chance to enjoy this small wintry wonder.

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