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We are Todd Sullivan and Christine Mundel of The Spokane Home Gurus and we make relocating to Spokane easy.  Born and raised in the Greater Spokane area, we truly know Spokane.  We know the communities, neighborhoods, schools and points of interest throughout the area.  If you’re considering relocating to Spokane, we can help you find the neighborhoods and communities that will fit your needs.  

Not only do we know how to help you find your place in Spokane, we know how to make it easy.  When you hire the Spokane Home Gurus, we promise to make real estate easy for you!   


History of Spokane

Spokane is a city rich in history and culture.  The area was originally a gathering place and settlement for Native Americans due to the fertile hunting grounds and high concentration of Salmon.  The Spokane Tribe inhabited much of the area around Spokane Falls.  Eventually, white fur traders came to the area and in 1810 and trading post, the Spokane House, was established.  The Oregon treaty was signed in 1846 and American Settlers began claiming land in the area near the Falls in 1871.  In October of 1880, Camp Spokane was established and U.S. Army troops were stationed in the area in order to protect the construction of the Northern Pacific Railway.  Once the railway was completed, settlers began flocking to the area and the city of Spokan Falls was established (officially incorporated in 1881 as a city of 350 residents).     

In August of 1889, a fire ravished most of the downtown area.  32 blocks were destroyed.  While the blow was devastating, Spokane continued to grow.  Downtown was re-built and the cities name was change from Spokan Falls to Spokane.  The Great Northern Railway came to the area three years after the fire.  The presence of both railroads made Spokane a hub of commerce for the Inland Northwest.  

The city continued to grow and quickly became the heart of the Inland Northwest.  In the 1960’s, a group of Spokane’s citizens decided to clean up downtown in the hopes of bringing the World’s Fair to Spokane.  The area surrounding the Falls was reclaimed and cleaned up and in 1974, the World’s fair, known as the 1974 Expo, came to Spokane.  What we now know as Riverfront Park, exist today as a reminder of the World’s Fair and has been a local gathering place ever since. 

Through the years, Spokane has remained the commercial center for the Inland Northwest.  As you walk through downtown, you’ll see many reminders of Spokane’s rich history in the buildings and architecture.  The central position Spokane holds between 3 states and 2 Canadian provinces makes it a destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.  The city also attracts numerous outdoor enthusiasts with it’s proximity to 5 ski resorts, endless hiking trails, and water sports opportunities on the river.  

In recent years, the growth of Fairchild Airforce base has attracted many more families to the area.  Spokane is expected to continue growing as the new Amazon fulfillment center opens and an electric car company establishes a plant in the west plains.

Spokane Favorites

Favorite Spokane Restaurant

Wooden City Spokane

Manito Tap House

Bangkok Thai

Favorite Burgers


South Hill Grill

Spencer’s Steakhouse

Favorite Coffee Shops

Timber Creek Coffee

Indaba Coffee

Hold Your Grounds

Favorite Fine Dining


Park Lodge

Churchill’s Steakhouse

Favorite Asian Food

Thai Bamboo


Sushi Blossom

Favorite Mexican Food


Gerardo’s Authentic Mexican Food

Rancho Viejo

Fiesta Grande

Favorite Brewery

Brick West Brewing

No Li Brewhouse

Winescape Winery

TT’s Old Iron Brewery

Favorite Breakfast

People’s Waffle

The Yards Bruncheon

Kalico Kitchen

Favorite Restaurant in Post Falls/CDA

Honey Eatery and Social Club

Dockside Restaurant

Bier Haus CDA

Crafted Tap House & Kitchen

Favorite Things to Do

Farmers’ Markets



Indoor Soccer


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Buying a Home in Spokane

Meet with our team to talk about your wants and needs. We’ll walk you through the home search and help you understand the process of writing an offer in the Spokane market.

Conventional loan? FHA Loan? Cash? Hard Money? We have experience working with buyers with all types of financing and know how to work with you whether you need to get a loan or you’re prepared with cash. In addition, our partnerships allow us to refer you to top lenders who can make the process easy for you.

Once we have discussed your wants and needs, we will get you set up on an automated home search. The search will send you homes that meet your criteria as soon as they are listed. You’ll know about new listings as soon as they hit the market. When you spot homes you really like, let us know and we’ll move to the next step, viewing homes.​

Are you ready to see your favorite homes in person? We’ll schedule home viewings with you and discuss the features of different properties to make sure you find your dream home.

You found the home you love, the next step is putting in an offer.  We’ll write the offer and send it to the listing agent. Once the seller receives your offer from their agent, they have the choice to accept, reject, or counter your offer. We will walk you through each of the possibilities and help you take the next steps.

Yay! Your offer got accepted! Next comes the inspection and appraisal. Inspections ensure everything in the home works properly and identifies any potential safety issues. An appraisal evaluates the value of the compared to the sales price. 

Once the inspection and appraisal are completed and approved, everything is set for closing. This process includes final signatures on all the paperwork. After you’ve signed the paper work, the contract is set to fund and record.

Congratulations! You just bought a home in Spokane. We’ll get you the keys when the sale closes and you can start moving in and making your own memories in Spokane.