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Much of the time we operate on an honor system and we value being in business with people we can trust. We want to be able to refer our clients to people we can trust.

We Make Real Estate Easy!

At Spokane Home Gurus, one thing we pride ourselves on is Making Real Estate Easy. While we strive to make real estate easy for clients, we also want to make real estate easy for our team members.


One aspect of that trust is professionalism. We trust that the agents on our team will exhibit a high level of professionalism in their work and with clients.

Need to sign up for Floor?

Click the link to login to your Team Up Profile and the floor schedule Calendar.  Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard page where you’ll see the Calendar titled floor Schedule.  Click on the Calendar and then on one of the floor schedule events to sign up for floor.  If you need help reach out to Hannah.  If you don’t have a Team Up account yet, please request login info from Hannah.